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(Amani Hiphop™ is both a music artist/label and clothing brand)



Hop Out

This song has old-school flow with a Beastie Boys inspiration. Made it with my friend Momotaro as an anthem for hanging out with the squad. I feel like it could fit in a movie soundtrack somewhere to be honest, but in the meantime it'll do well in your car stereo as you whip around town with your boys (or girls).


I made this song with some inspiration from the "Old Kanye". This was the first song I ever made where I mixed/mastered and produced the entire song myself. It's not the best but it was a start for me as a musician. I was a little hesitant to release this song at first because I was shy about my "rap voice" and worried about sounding weird to others with my delivery. In the end I decided to anyways because we all gotta start somewhere and I couldn't let my fears hold me back as an artist.

Hop Out (Remix)

A remix to the bop, "Hop Out". The beat was produced by my friend Momotaro and I think he definitely took the song to a whole other level in terms of emotion and experience. We performed this song together once and it had the whole crowd energized and jumping around. Every time I perform "Hop Out" on a set, I always make sure I play this bad boy at some point.

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