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Amani Drops New Experimental Hip-Hop EP: "CAPITAL"

This album cover primarily depicts a picture of the New York City skyline taken in the daytime from the Staten Island Ferry, digitally edited with some film grain.
EP/Album Cover Art for “CAPITAL”, by Amani


Today, August 25th, 2023 marks the unveiling of Amani's much-anticipated EP, "CAPITAL." With a unique blend of experimental sounds and profound storytelling, this EP promises to redefine your perception of hip-hop. Let's dive into the tracks that make up this audacious musical journey – WAKEUP, GIMMEMYMFGRAMMY, and DESIGNATEDVILLAIN – and explore the distinctive essence that each brings to "CAPITAL."

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WAKEUP: Awakening the Senses

The EP kicks off with “WAKEUP,” a track that serves as both an invitation and a proclamation. Amani’s lyrical prowess shines as he intertwines intricate wordplay with an infectious beat. Through its captivating verses and experimental production, “WAKEUP” awakens your senses and sets the tone for the sonic adventure that lies ahead in “CAPITAL.”

GIMMEMYMFGRAMMY: The Pursuit of Excellence

In "GIMMEMYMFGRAMMY," Amani's unapologetic confidence takes center stage. The track's dynamic energy is a testament to his dedication and ambition within the music industry. With verses that exude self-assuredness and a chorus that demands attention, "GIMMEMYMFGRAMMY" encapsulates Amani's determination to stand out and claim his place in the spotlight.

DESIGNATEDVILLAIN: Unveiling Complexity

"DESIGNATEDVILLAIN" delves into the complexities of identity and perception. Amani's thought-provoking lyrics explore themes of duality and the multifaceted nature of human experience. The track's evocative melodies and intricate production create a captivating atmosphere that draws you into Amani's world, where the lines between hero and villain blur.

A Symphony of Innovation and Authenticity

As you journey through "WAKEUP," "GIMMEMYMFGRAMMY," and "DESIGNATEDVILLAIN," you'll witness Amani's commitment to innovation and authenticity. Each track offers a unique glimpse into his creative mind, and collectively, they form the heartbeat of "CAPITAL." This EP is a testament to Amani's willingness to defy conventions, explore uncharted territories, and present his audience with a sonic experience that resonates on multiple levels.


"CAPITAL" is not just an EP; it's an artistic manifesto. Through tracks like "WAKEUP," "GIMMEMYMFGRAMMY," and "DESIGNATEDVILLAIN," Amani challenges the status quo, blurs genre boundaries, and invites listeners to join him on an immersive musical journey. As you listen, allow yourself to be enveloped by the intricate layers of sound, the emotive storytelling, and the unwavering passion that define Amani's artistry. "CAPITAL" is a testament to his growth, innovation, and determination to leave an indelible mark on the world of music.

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