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Amani: From NYC to the Rio Grande Valley - Unveiling the Musical Journey of a Rising Star!

Headshot photo of Amani taken during the nighttime. He is wearing a black hoodie with black Adidas pants.

Amani sitting on a colorful chair wearing a black hoodie and black sweatpants.

Who is Amani?

Amani /ah-mah-NEE (born August 25th, 2003) is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, CEO and record producer. Born in the diverse borough of Queens, New York, Amani was surrounded by a vibrant and influential music scene from a young age. He developed a passion for Hip-Hop and rap music, and began writing and performing his own tracks as a teenager. Now he is 20 years old and ready to take over the world with his music. After relocating to the Rio Grande Valley, Texas (also known as "The Valley") in 2010, Amani was inspired by the unique culture and sound of the region, which he incorporated into his music. He began performing at local clubs and events, and steadily gained a dedicated following of fans who appreciated lyricism and flow that had an "old-school" influence.

Amani is deeply grateful for the support of his fans, and credits them as one of his biggest sources of inspiration. He loves the Rio Grande Valley and its rich cultural heritage, and is dedicated to using his music to bring people together and make a positive impact on his community. At the same time, he never forgets his roots in New York and pays homage to the its influence on his sound and style.

Amani is a talented and dedicated artist who is committed to creating meaningful and authentic music for his fans.

Music Taste & Inspirations Amani's music tastes and influence has always changed throughout the years. As a kid, artists such as Jay-Z, Big Pun, Fat Joe, and Kanye West were mostly what his dad had on CDs. During middle school, Amani was heavily into Eminem and Macklemore. During high school was when Amani was introduced to Kanye West's (Ye's) discography by a good friend of his. This went on to be Amani's primary music taste and inspiration for years to come. Other various artists that Amani draws inspiration from include Travis Scott, Childish Gambino, Freddie Dredd, and the Beastie Boys, as Hip-Hop artists & Cuco, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd as Indie/Alt Rock/Alternative artists. Although Amani had been making music years prior on SoundCloud, he didn't really take it seriously nor did he consider himself an artist until the year 2022 when he released "Perfect" (which was the first song he had ever fully produced, mixed, and written himself). Following shortly after came "Hop Out" which was his personal favorite due to the insane bars and lyricism. Amani was off to a great start and was even performing at venues but sadly after his release of the "Hop Out" remix, he went on a musical haitus for the rest of the year. He was still making music and performing, but hadn't released any for his fans for he was working on his sound and wanted his next appearance on his music pages to be even more successful. 2023 rolled around and Amani immediately began the year with a bang. He dropped two highly anticipated songs that were originally teased back in October of 2022: "You Don't Know Me" and "Lonely Freestyle" was very quickly loved by his fans and became a favorite for many. These songs share a heavy Freddy Dredd influence and "Lonely Freestyle" still remains to be Amani's top song with over 70,000 streams. In just the first 3 months of 2023, Amani had the most streaming success he had ever seen in all of his years doing music combined. Now that Amani had accomplished his goals for 2023 in Hip-Hop in a much shorter time than he had expected, he decided to experiment with other genres, mostly being indie/alt rock/alternative. Aside from the "You Don't Know Me" remix, Amani dwelled in these genres for the next 4 songs until he finally felt the need to return back to rapping and work towards his goal of discovering his sound within the world of Hip-Hop and establishing a strong and widespread fanbase.


It being another month since his last music release. Amani decided it was time to step back into the the Hip-Hop genre with a 3 song EP with the working title, "CAPITAL". The forthcoming EP draws inspiration from two revered rap artists, JPEGMAFIA and MFDOOM. Renowned for their bold and innovative approaches to rap, these icons have left a profound impact on Amani's artistic vision. Listeners can expect an exhilarating blend of lyrical prowess, unique soundscapes, and thought-provoking themes that mirror the legacy of these rap royalty. The EP featured three powerful tracks, each offering a distinctive glimpse into Amani's creative genius. As you journey through “WAKEUP", “GIMMEMYMFGRAMMY", and “DESIGNATEDVILLAIN", you’ll witness Amani’s commitment to innovation and authenticity. Each track offers a unique glimpse into his creative mind, and collectively, they form the heartbeat of “CAPITAL". This EP is a testament to Amani’s willingness to defy conventions, explore uncharted territories, and present his audience with a sonic experience that resonates on multiple levels. “CAPITAL” is not just an EP; it’s an artistic manifesto. Through tracks like “WAKEUP,”“GIMMEMYMFGRAMMY,” and “DESIGNATEDVILLAIN,” Amani challenges the status quo, blurs genre boundaries, and invites listeners to join him on an immersive musical journey. As you listen, allow yourself to be enveloped by the intricate layers of sound, the emotive storytelling, and the unwavering passion that define Amani’s artistry. “CAPITAL” is a testament to his growth, innovation, and determination to leave an indelible mark on the world of music.

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