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What is V1 & V2? Catalogs on


Starting an online business of any kind is not easy. To make the roll out of my online store as quick and efficient and convenient as possible, I integrated a print-to-order distributor to create and ship out the clothes. Everything labelled "V1" is print-to-order however the designs on the clothing were 100% made by me. V1 is basically just merch and other misc. items that serves primarily as a test run to make sure that the websit and payment processes would run smoothly before I commit any more financial resources and time. I figured it would be a good idea to try out this system and test out all the kinks and pricing before going to the next level as I had never sold anything before nor started any kind of business either. This was a big jump for me already.


V2 is the next big step. I will be ordering the clothes in bulk from manufacturers and ship out the orders myself. This will lower costs on my side and on the customer's side since the cost to produce the clothes and ship them will be lower since it's not print to order, not to mention faster shipping speeds since it'll already be made. I will also have a lot more freedom and flexibility on customizations and designs. The drawback is that I would have to put thousands of dollars of my own money at stake hoping for a return but that's just what it'll have to take. This is the vision I have for this year and hopefully you all can help support me and turn this into something huge. Basically V1 is just artist merch and was practically the guinea pig. V2 will be not as attached to my music and hopefully be viewed more as it's own thing. The launch of V2 will mark the separation of Amani Hiphop as a music artist and Amani Hiphop as a clothing brand. Future vision I have for this catalog is insane. It'll start off one product at a time because like I said, it's a huge financial investment on my part, but hopefully it'll expand into a full catalog in which none of it is print to order.


Creating a new fashion catalog can be a challenging and time-consuming task, especially when attempting to do it without any help. The process involves a wide range of tasks, from concept development and styling to photography and layout design. Each task on its own can be difficult, but when combined, the complexity of the project can be overwhelming.

One of the biggest challenges of creating a catalog without any help is the lack of a creative team to bounce ideas off of. Developing a concept for the catalog and deciding on a specific aesthetic can be difficult without input from others. In addition, styling the clothing and accessories featured in the catalog requires a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of current fashion trends, which can be hard to achieve without the help of experienced stylists.

Another challenge is the photography aspect of catalog creation. Achieving the right lighting, composition, and styling for each shot requires a skilled photographer, which can be difficult to come by when working alone. The post-production work of editing and retouching the photos also take a lot of time, effort and skill to be done correctly.

Once the photography is complete, the process of layout design and graphic design can also be challenging without any help. Creating an attractive and visually appealing layout that effectively showcases the clothing and accessories in the catalog requires a good eye for design and an understanding of composition and typography.

Finally, the task of printing and distributing the catalog can also be difficult without any help. It may require research on the best printing options, negotiating with printers, and managing the logistics of getting the catalog into the hands of customers and clients.

In conclusion, creating a new fashion catalog without any help is a daunting task that requires a wide range of skills and knowledge, not to mention time and effort. From concept development and styling to photography, layout design, and printing and distribution, each step of the process presents its own set of challenges. It is highly recommended to gather a team of experts in the field or seeking help from professionals in order to create a successful and polished final product.

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